Friday, June 22, 2018

Two years of The Witch's List! #thewitchslist #BeingAuthor#FridayFeeling

This weekend marks the two-year anniversary of the publication of The Witch's List. The book is still enthralling new readers and receiving great reviews. Check out this latest one on the fantastic new facebook group Bloody Good Horror Books Reviews:

I am also hoping to be get the book translated into French and Spanish soon. Watch this space for more details.
As for book two in the trilogy, I am currently editing the first draft, which should be ready soon to send off to publishers. The story is mainly based in Morocco. Watch out for the djinns!
Thanks to all my followers, readers and reviewers who have supported me over the past two years. Please keep up the great work.
Be sure to grab a book to read this summer on your holidays / travels. I will be seeking the supreme secret of man in Tahir Shah's new novel:
And reading up on vikings, fjords and the aurora borealis:
(First five people who guess where we're headed for our holidays win a free ebook copy of my novel. Just post the country name in the comments.)
Bon voyage !

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Looking for some trip-fiction this summer? #thewitchslist #TripFiction #TravelByBook #99cents #promo #BeingAuthor

Looking for something to read this summer? Grab a copy of The Witch's List, for just 0.99 $/£/€ and take a trip to Scotland, France and the Ivory Coast! This offer was due to expire at the end of May, but has been extended for a few more days, so don't delay, get it today!