Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"The story is different from any other I have read." #thewitchslist #different

Think different, think black magic... think The Witch's List.

A Florida reader had this to say in her review:

"The premise for this book sounded fascinating. The paranormal, romance, Africa’s cultural undertones about black magic and witch craft. I picked it up, eagerly waiting to see what the book was all about, and was very glad I had gotten it from Library Thing to read and review. After reading it, I can agree it is a fascinating story...
The story is different from any other I have read. It is obvious the author knew and researched the culture and practices of African witchcraft and black magic....
This is the start of a new series which could be an interesting one, depending where the author takes the story and how it goes. As I said, the premise is very interesting and a bit different. Not sure if it will appeal to all readers, but it will to many looking for something a bit different or who are interested in African and this aspect of its culture."

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