Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Definitely one of my best reads this year!"; - excellent 4.5 star review by blogger Janna Aguilar! #thewitchslist #FridayBlogs #FridayFeeling

Reviewer Janna Aguilar, aka Bibliophilemom, had this to say about The Witch's List:
I was amazed by how totally hooked I was! On the day that I received my copy, I immediately started reading it and find myself already halfway through it after two hours. It is a combination of magic, love, life and series of horrifying events. To say that this book is good is an understatement; this is definitely one of my best reads this year!
Wow! Thanks, Janna, for the great review! Thanks also to for helping to make my book available to independent reviewers.

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