Sunday, May 29, 2016

25. Recommended by author Daniela Norris! #thewitchslist #50days #50reasons

Author Daniela Norris had this to say about The Witch's List :

"We all pretend to be rational, logical, empirical thinking citizens of a modern world but bubbling beneath the surface lie our primeval fears, our pagan practices, our superstitions."

Sandy and Martin, two thirteen year old boys, discover a book in their Roman Catholic school's library. 'Witches and Warlocks' detailed graphically a range of witchcraft and dark art practices, and it was the beginning of the narrator's - Sandy - fascination with witchcraft.

In a fast-paced, highly entertaining so-called fantasy novel (first of a trilogy) lie some hidden truths about the dark side of magic and mysticism. Yet it reads like a part-adventure, part travel-tale, recommended for anyone who has an interest in how life is affected by coincidences which run way deeper than anything we could ever plan.

The backdrop of the story - first Scotland, then France, and last but not least - Cote D'ivoire - where most of the story unfolds, is fascinating. Having lived in Africa for some years, I recognised the underlying mystery of dark magic that is an integral part of African culture. 

I look forward to reading the sequel!

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