Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review of "Boundary" by Mary Victoria Johnson

Boundary is Mary Victoria Johnson's first novel. Impressively she wrote it aged 14! Three years later it is now published and available notably on amazon:
The book is the first of a trilogy and she is currently working on part 2.
Aimed at young adults, the story follows a group of six teenagers growing up in a strange mansion surrounded by an impenetrable 'boundary'. The other main characters are Beatrix - a kindly teacher/cook/healer and Madon - the cruel enigmatic master of the house.
It has elements of Harry Potter, Hunger Games or the film The Village, while managing to create it's own unique supernatural Victorian era atmosphere and captivating story with twists and turns.
My young adult days are far behind me, but I still enjoyed the book. The story is certainly very gripping and suspenseful. It also leaves quite a few unanswered questions, which make you want to go on and read the next two books in the trilogy when they come out.

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