Thursday, November 5, 2015

A must-read, captivating and bewitching - endorsement from author Jean-Christophe Manuceau

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Thank you, Jean-Christophe Manuceau, for this brilliant endorsement:

"The Witch's List by Andrew Cairns is a real page turner. As soon as you start to follow the main character, a young bloke by the name of Sandy Beech, you want to know more about him and follow his path. It leads him from his Scottish home to a French university, and finally to Africa.

For a guy who favours exotic women, and who does not believe in witchcraft, it’s a dangerous way to go. Despite the warnings given by a dying nun, Sandy marries a beautiful black girl, Rocky, and, after a few years of faltering happiness, follows her to her home country, the Ivory Coast, in the hope of winning her back. There, he will witness strange events and be the victim of a series of physical assaults that will leave him deeply wounded, physically and mentally.

What’s really happened to him ? Does this black magic really exist ? In this coming of age novel, written with wit and great emotional precision, Andrew Cairns creates a strange mixture of mystery, humour, horror and passion. Through the eyes of a young European, The Witch's List also depicts the discovery of a strange continent, and it’s different set of rules and values.

A must-read, captivating and bewitching.

Jean-Christophe Manuceau, 
 author of  COCTEAU TWINS: Des Punks cĂ©lestes and L'homme sans parapluie

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