Friday, October 9, 2015

"The Witch's List" - the horror novel even non-horror fans love!

You don't have to be a horror fan or horror aficionado to appreciate "The Witch's List". The book is a mixture of genres: horror, mystery, thriller, suspense, coming of age, culture clash, etc.
Great reviews so far:

  • "Andrew Cairns has written, quite literally, a bewitching novel, one that speaks to an underbelly which lies dormant in us all. The Witch's List bridges our world of convention, with that of a fabulous Twilight Zone, what may be true reality -- a realm of magic and ultimate possibility. I recommend this book because, behind the smokescreen of simplicity, there lies a masked bedrock of extraordinary power." - TAHIR SHAH, author of The Caliph's House, In Arabian Nights, etc.
  • "An excellent story with three dimensional characters." - Krystina Kellingley, author. 
  • " angle, good story and the characters are well rounded." - Maria Moloney, author. 
  • "Entertaining... I enjoyed the story." - Matthew Cairns, wwoofer.
  • "Mental!" - Dr Mary Cairns.

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